The military chiefs of Russia have given a warning that they have carried out a third successful test of a fatal hypersonic missile. The Russian Ministry of Defence stated to have again tested a Zircon missile in the White Sea and mentioned it flew faster than the earlier trials.

The Russian state-controlled TV has earlier dubbed the Zircon missile as President Vladimir Putin's 'weapon of choice'. The leader of Russia called the warfare 'truly unparalleled, in the world' while discussing the armory in March. The new-age weapon is stated to be capable of destroying the cities of America in the event of a nuclear war. Army bosses have now said to have carried out a third test launch from a naval ship. They stated that the missile hit a target at the Chiza test site that was over 350 kilometers away.

Russia Testing Hypersonic Missile

Russian flag Pixabay

"The next test launch of the hypersonic cruise missile 'Zircon' took place in the White Sea. The target of the missile launched from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate was located at the Chizha test site at a distance of more than 350 kilometers. The rocket's flight speed exceeded March 8. According to objective monitoring, the coastal target was successfully hit. Prior to this, test-firing of a hypersonic cruise missile Zircon by the frigate 'Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov' took place in early October and November 2020," the Russian MoD stated.

Russia released a clip of the probable satellite destroyer being fired from the warship, showing the fatal missile rocketing through the sky. An earlier test of the missile was carried out in October, probably as a 68th birthday present for the Russian president.

Putin is known to be a fan of the deadly missile. Last year, Dmitry Kiselyov, who is a presenter on Vesti Nedeli of Russia showed a map of the US featuring targets he claimed can hit in a nuclear war. Kiselyov, widely confirmed to be a Putin propagandist, stated Zircons can destroy the targets in under five minutes. The latest trial of the Zircon sparked a sick warning from the Russians who witnessed the footage on social media. One of the netizens said, "With warm greetings to the Pentagon and NATO! Well, sho, let's fight?! (sic)".