Russia Successfully Completes Tests of Zircon Hypersonic Missile, Which Can Beat US Defenses

The defense ministry of Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed the reports about the missile that can reach its target in seven minutes

Russia has become successful in completing the testing of its 4,600mph hypersonic missile, which the nation claims is capable of beating the US defenses, according to reports.

The defense ministry of Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed the reports on Sunday that the test got completed after the weapon was fired from the warship Admiral Gorshkov. The missile can travel up to a distance that is six times the speed of sound and has the ability to fly a range of around 600 miles. This means that it can reach its desired target by just seven minutes.

Russia Confirms Successfully Testing Hypersonic Missile

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Russia President Vladimir Putin Reuters

The Zircon missiles, which are also known as Tsirkon, were in development for more than 30 years and are considered as a key step forward for the weaponry of Russia. The weapons have been designed to attack both ships and also ground targets, being designed to get fired by the latest frigates of Russia.

The Russian defense ministry said, "The tests of the Zircon hypersonic missile are also being successfully completed. Test launches from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate have confirmed the unique tactical and technical characteristics of this missile in terms of range and accuracy of fire, as well as its hypersonic flight speed," in a statement as reported by The Scottish Sun.

Admiral Gorshkov Used to Conduct Testing

The Admiral Gorshkov got out of the Belomorsky Naval Base last week in order to conduct the test-firing of Zircon. According to reports, the test got delayed because of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, after another exercise involving this missile earlier in 2020.

The Russian media confirmed earlier this month that the village of Nyonoksa located in the north of the nation was evacuated because of the ongoing testing of Zircon. Around 500 people were warned that they were living in a danger zone and were asked to leave their homes for 36 hours.

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