Russia Stages Massive 'Ukraine Invasion' Drill with Warships and Planes in a Show of Strength

Russia has staged a massive Ukraine invasion drill in Crimea in a show of strength that used 40 warships and 30 military planes at the backdrop of the Black Sea. The Russian modern warfare equipment can hit speeds of up to 21,000mph or even faster and cause devastating consequences.

The war drill involved practicing bombings, missile launches along with simulated landings of planes and soldiers, and the footage of the enactment was released by the State Defence Ministry television channel Zvezda.

Russian tank
Russian tanks are gathering at Ukraine border Twitter

The footage shows numerous helicopters flying over a Russian warship and also shows several tankers entering the seashore from the landing ship. Russian soldiers are also shown flying drones while at the beach and communicating with satellite phones.

The war drill in Crimea is the latest military exercise ordered by President Vladimir Putin this year and allowed warships such as Black Sea Fleet's flagship the Moskva and the Kamov Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters to show their gallantry in the air and sea.

Reports state that close to 8,000 Russian soldiers were involved in the Ukraine invasion drill and used around 500 military vehicles in the massive show of strength including military state-of-the-art drones Forpost and Orlan-10.

Russia AN 26 aircraft
Russia AN 26 aircraft Wikimedia Commons

A spokesperson from the Russian military said in a press conference that the forces conducted ''simulated hostilities'' that involved ''mock armed groups entered (Crimea) with the aim of carrying out terrorist attacks and destabilising the situation in other regions of the Southern Federal District.''

A statement from the Black Sea Fleet read, ''The coastal troops of the Black Sea Fleet worked out practical actions to secure anti-sabotage defence of a section of the coast and fought with naval assault groups and naval landing forces.''

Another Russian defence source said, ''The militants were blocked by the forces of motorised rifle units of the army corps with the support of tactical airborne assault forces.''

The war drill was part of the Southern Military District operations including Russian troops who are based in Armenia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia and used the Russian navy's Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla.

Crimea was annexed from Ukraine by Russia in 2014.