Russia Set to Take Over Ukraine Capital? 40-Mile Convoy Reaches Closer to Kyiv, Takes Firing Position

Russian troops' 40-miles-long convoy, which has been stuck near Kyiv for two weeks due to fuel and logistical issues, has now taken firing position to bombard Kyiv and take over the capital as the war has entered the 16th day.

Fresh satellite images of the convoy have revealed that rocket artillery taking up firing positions for a potentially long and bloody battle to control Kyiv.

Russian troops convoy
Russian troops convoy Reuters

Russian troops captured more areas of the West of Kyiv and inched three miles closer to the city center, according to US intelligence.

Convoy Only 9 Miles Away From Kyiv

The Pentagon later on Thursday (local time) had revealed that tanks are now nine miles from the central government district, having been 13 miles out previously.

Weeks after invading Ukraine, Russian troops are now present to the north, west and east of Kyiv and are ready to begin massive bombarding at any time.

Russian troops convoy
Russian troops convoy Reuters

Take Firing Positions

Ukrainian forces have revealed that Russian troops' convoy has got moving again, dispersing to take up firing positions or else concealing itself in civilian areas and forests to prevent attacks, reported the Daily Mail.

The convoy originated from Belarus and is approaching the Ukrainian capital for weeks. Reportedly, the convoy faced food and fuel shortages which had stalled its advance towards Kyiv.

Ukraine Hit Convoy With Anti-Tank Missiles

For days, the convoy has also been the target of Ukraine's defense as they attempted to hit the convoy with anti-tank missiles.

In the recent images circulated on social media, Russian tanks, and military vehicles are seen sitting idle, or even destroyed on the side of roads.

While in previous images, the units in the convoy were seen to be traveling two or three across the road while in other sections, they were spaced out.

Officials in the US believe that it was the result of Ukrainian soldiers' ground firing as Kyiv used shoulder-fired Javelin anti-tank missiles that had been provided by Western allies.

The 15,000-troops convoy consists of trucks carrying ammunition and food together and fuel tankers.

The convoy could attempt to encircle Kyiv to seize the capital and will potentially cut off supplies and escape routes.