Russia Readying For Nuclear War; Ukraine Distributes Potassium Iodine Pills as it Braces for Strike

Russia is gearing up for nuclear war and preparing its society to brace for potential nuclear strike, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He also pointed out that "dangerous" preparations could already be underway by the Russians.

"They begin to prepare their society. That's very dangerous. They are not ready to do it, to use it. But they begin to communicate. They don't know whether they'll use or not use it. I think it's dangerous to even speak about it," Zelensky told the BBC about the potential of nuclear conflict.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Twitter

Russian Officials Preparing For Nuclear Strike

He believes it may not be as likely as expected "because they understand that there is no turning back after using it, not only the history of their country, but themselves as personalities," according to the Daily Star.

Kyiv Distributes Potassium Iodine Pills

Ukraine is distributing potassium iodine pills to its residents. In preparation for a possible nuclear attack on Kyiv, the city gives out potassium iodine pills to evacuation centers.

Potassium Iodine Drugs Block Absorption Of Radiation

These pills are used to prevent harmful radiation. If taken before or after an individual's exposure to nuclear radiation, potassium iodine drugs block the absorption of radiation by the thyroid gland.

The pills will be distributed to residents in areas contaminated by nuclear radiation if there is a need to evacuate, the city council said in a statement - amid Russian President Vladimir Putin's disastrous on-going invasion of Ukraine, according to the Daily Mail.

It came as US government has bought anti-radiation pills which are used to treat the sickening symptoms of a nuclear attack. The US spent $290 million on life-saving drugs, according to reports. The massive purchase came as Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to unleash nuclear weapons, which can result in mass destruction.

Officials purchased Nplate pills, which are used to treat acute radiation syndrome. Despite the imminent threat of nuclear attack by Russia, the US has stated that the purchase of Nplate pills has nothing to do with Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine.

This article was first published on October 8, 2022