Russia Not Able to Fund Ukraine War; Kyiv Post Says 'Citing' British Intelligence

Russia appears to be failing to fund the Ukraine war as conscripts are being forced to pay for their own body armor, according to intelligence reports given by British agencies. Prices for equipment are skyrocketing in Russia. The cost of combat armor has tripled since April, according to Britain's Defense Ministry.

The ministry also underlined that the Russian Federation's equipment given to soldiers would be of lower quality than the already poor provision of previously deployed troops.

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Conscripts Are Being Forced to Pay For Their Own Body Armor

The ministry confirmed that many reservists are likely required to purchase their own body armor, especially the modern 6B45 vest, which is meant to be on general issue to combat units as part of the Ratnik personal equipment program, reported The Sun.

Currently, combat armor is being sold for £570 on Russian resale sites.

Conscripts Being Forced To Buy Their Medicine

According to the Kyiv Post, Russian conscripts from the recent mobilization are forced to buy their medicine and military gear because the army does not supply them with the basics they will need at the front.

Multiple pieces of evidence also suggested illegal conscription as well as poor material and technical support for the army.

Website Obyasniayem (We explain), which was set by the Russian government to respond to queries about new laws, published an article saying conscripts should not expect reimbursement for their work.

The article was a response to a question, which reads, "Will the conscripts' expenses for buying their uniforms and medications be compensated".

The response explained that those conscripted during the mobilization are given everything they need to perform their duties, including uniforms, gear, etc. For this reason, additional purchases of extra uniform elements, equipment, medications, etc., are the conscript's initiative, and no compensation is planned for such expenses, according to the Post.

This article was first published on October 15, 2022