Russia Intensifies Attack on Kyiv; Missile Strike in Odessa Kills One

Russia intensified attacks on the Ukraine capital Kyiv a day after reports said it damaged the US-made Patriot missile defense shield protecting the city. Multiple explosions were heard in Kyiv in the early hours of Thursday, as Russian missiles hit several parts of the city.

The Russian aerial attack also targeted several other parts of the country, including Odessa, where a person was killed in the attack. "Late night, the enemy launched a missile attack on Odesa. The attack was carried out using various missiles from different directions. Most of them were destroyed by air defense, but unfortunately [an] industrial infrastructure was hit," Kyiv's Operational Command said.

Kyiv attack

Air Defense Activated

The Ukrainian authorities said Kyiv's air defense was activated and most of the Russian missiles were destroyed but falling debris caused fires and other damage.

According to the military officials in Kyiv, the air attacks on Kyiv were 'unprecedented in their power, intensity and variety'. The authorities said Russia used cruise missiles and reconnaissance drones in the latest attack, BBC reported.

According to the Ukrainians, the heavy Russian missile attack was launched from strategic bombers Moscow deployed over the Caspian Sea.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's deputy defense minister said the country's military is controlling 'substantial areas' around Bakhmut. The statement came days after reports that the Russian mercenaries, the Wagner Group, abandoned some of their positions around the besieged city.

Ukraine's Odesa port hit by Russian missiles
Ukraine's Odesa port hit by Russian missiles Twitter

Also, in the latest update, The Russians are reportedly improving their tactical situation in the Kharkiv region.

It was reported on Wednesday that one of the two US-made Patriot missile defense systems deployed in Kyiv was damaged, reducing Ukraine's ability to defend the capital city against increasing Russian missile attacks.

Patriot Missile Defense System
Japan has already deployed Patriot Missile Defense System to fend off attacks from North Korea Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday Russia said that a high-precision strike by the Kinzhal hypersonic missile system in the city of Kyiv hit a US-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile system. Though the Ukrainian official said the defense forces intercepted six hypersonic missiles fired by the Russians, the military could not decisively rule out damage to the defense umbrella that guards the capital.

US officials acknowledged that a Patriot system in Kyiv suffered damage in the Russian attack. Washington and Kyiv are discussing how to fix the damaged system, two Us official with knowledge of the situation said.