Russia to Deploy 'Latest Weaponry' on European Borders Ahead of Biden-Putin Summit

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Russia has said it is beefing up its military preparedness along the European borders s it perceives the NATO arms buildup a threat. The Russian military is increasing the presence of both its navy and warplanes on the border regions, according to reports.

A dozen new units are going to be deployed in the Western Military District, Russia's Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said, according to Russia Today. These units will cover much of the European portion of Russia.

"The actions of our Western colleagues destroy the security system in the world and force us to take adequate countermeasures ... We are constantly improving the combat composition of our troops. By the end of the year, about 20 formations and military units will be set up," the minister said, according to reports.

Hypersonic missile
Russia has hypersonic missile Kinzhal attached to a fighter jet Wikimedia commons

The defense minister's statement came even as Russian military scrambled an Su-27 fighter jet to accompany a U.S. B-52H bomber over the Baltic Sea. The Russian military said the bomber had not violated the Russian airspace.

The Russia-US relations have not taken off well after President Joe Biden came to power this year. Tensions in Ukraine, US sanctions against Moscow and the continued US accusations that Russia, along with Iran and Syria engaged in US election 2020 manipulation, are some of the issues that have roiled the ties.

The Russian defense minister said there would be supply of modern weapons and military equipment on the border, adding that as many as 2,000 new pieces of hardware would be deployed this year alone. This was important in creating a buildup against NATO troops, vessels and cruise missiles in the region.

In April, a Russian MiG-31 fighter has intercepted a US reconnaissance plane above the Pacific Ocean. In August last year, Russia's defence ministry said an Su-27 fighter jet intercepted two US reconnaissance planes flying over the Black Sea.

Russia launches a short range, hypersonic ballistic missile, that has Nato worried

The bitterest element in Russia-US animosity is the conflict in Ukraine. In April Russia paraded tens of thousands of troops along the border with Ukraine, which is getting the West's support. There was speculation of a Russian invasion of Donbass.

Russian troops had painted a mass of their assault vehicles with "invasion stripes" across Ukraine border, heightening fears of an all-out war breaking out. According to reports, Russian President Vladimir Pun had also planned to soon have a staggering assault force of 107,000 troops massed at Ukraine's border.

'Uncomfortable Signals'

ON Monday, Russia said it would send 'uncomfortable' signals to the US ahead of the summit between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. The two are meeting next month in their first presidential summit.

Russian tank
Russian tanks are gathering at Ukraine border Twitter

The summit would take place in the backdrop of Russians massing up a huge numbers of troops on the European border. The Daily Mirror had reported that an onlooker in the Astrakhan region of Russia had filmed a column of armored personnel carriers on the move.

"The Americans must assume that a number of signals from Moscow ... will be uncomfortable for them, including in the coming days," said Sergei Ryabkov, Russia's deputy foreign minister, according to Reuters.

This article was first published on June 1, 2021