Russia Demands Fresh International Investigation Into Nord Stream Sabotage; Says There's a Rush to Hush Up Probe

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Russia has demanded fresh international investigation into the bombing of the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline across the Baltic after a sensational report by journalist Seymour Hersh said the US was behind the explosion.

Hersh's revelations demonstrate "the need for an open international investigation into this unprecedented attack on this critical infrastructure ... It's impossible to leave this without finding the perpetrators and punishing them," said Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Nord Stream gas leak
The gas leak caused bubbles to break the surface of the water. Twitter

Involvement of Anglo Saxons

Russia, which had earlier put the US and the UK on the dock over the Nord Stream pipeline explosion in September last year, repeated that certain data points suggest the'involvement of the Anglo-Saxons'. Kremlin said the investigation by Hersh is a very important piece that should provoke the acceleration of the international probe. "But we, on the contrary, witness attempts to silently wind down such international investigation," Peskov said.

"The world must find out the truth about who carried out this act of sabotage ... This is a very dangerous precedent: if someone did it once, they can do it again anywhere in the world," Peskov added.

The Kremlin also called for an open international investigation of this unprecedented attack on international critical infrastructure. "It is impossible to leave this without uncovering those responsible and punishing them," the spokesperson said.

Nord Stream gas pipeline
Nord Stream gas pipeline Reuters

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

Seymour Hersh's Substack blog titled 'How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline' clearly states that there is evidence to show that US President Joe Biden ordered the attack on the pipeline and that several US agencies including the CIA carried out the attack.

Nord Stream

The attack, which occurred on September 26 last year, took place in the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark. The two countries conducted investigations into the incident and concluded that it was an act of sabotage, but stopped short of concluding who might have done it.

On Wednesday, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh wrote in his blog that the United States was behind the bombing of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in September last year. Hersh said US Navy divers planted explosives at the pipelines in June last year, under the guise of BALTOPS 22 NATO exercise. The article says that the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline was the culmination of months-long planning and preparations by the US. President Joe Biden and all his top leadership team participated in a series of top secret discussions in the lead-up to the act.

The White House rejected Hersh's detailed investigative report, saying it was cooked up. "This is utterly false and complete fiction," White House spokesperson Adrienne Watson said. Meanwhile, the CIA and the State Department also denied the US role in the bombing of the key Russian gas pipeline to Europe.

This article was first published on February 9, 2023