Russia to ban sale of gadgets without pre-installed Russian software; foreign tech companies to feel the heat

Tech companies across the world have been suffering for months now. In a latest move by Russia, a new law has been passed that is likely to bans sale of smarphones, smart televisions and computers that do not have pre-installed Russian software.

The new law, which is likely to come into effect in July 2020, has been prepared by a pan-partisan group of leaders. The new law comes just weeks after a law was signed in Russia that now allows the country to censor Internet. The new law definitely will make things difficult for a number of western tech companies.

New law aims to promote local brands

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The law don't ban the sale of smartphones, smart TVs and computers made in other countries or by companies operating from other countries with their software but needs to have a Russian software installed as well.

Understandably, the move is in a bid to promote Russian brands but also complicates a lot of things for the foreign companies selling those devices in Russia.

The list of gadgets that will be required to have a Russian software pre-installed along with the name of that particular software that needs to be installed will soon be determined by the government. Russia has been tightening its Internet laws and the recent move is a part of its increased scrutiny on how Internet is being used in the country.

Foreign tech companies to suffer

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Russia has been stressing that it plans to improve cyber security but critics have a different opinion. Although sale of smartphones, smart TVs and computers made in other countries with their respective software won't be disallowed the process of reinstalling or pre-installing Russian software in them won't practically viable.

Moreover, it won't be possible to install Russian software in all the devices owing to compatibility factor. This might make a number of international tech companies and smartphone makers completely leave the Russian market.

Those in favour of the law are saying that the idea is to promote Russian technology and a pre-installed Russian software in the devices will only help the users by becoming more user friendly. However, it won't be a herculean task recalling all such devices and installing a new Russian software.