Russia Announces Temporary Ceasefire in Mariupol to Create Humanitarian Corridor

Russia has announced a temporary ceasefire in two Ukrainian cities Volnovakha and Mariupol for setting up a humanitarian corridor. The corridors will open at 10:00 Moscow time (07:00GMT) on Saturday from the cities of and Volnovakha, according to Russian authorities.

Ukraine war

Regime of Quietness

The Russian defense ministry said that a "regime of quietness" will be implemented for the civilian population to leave the cities and has been agreed with the Ukrainian authorities, reported BBC.

It came as Vadym Boichenko, Mariupol's mayor, had called for a humanitarian corridor as the city is under the blockade of Russian troops.

Ukraine war
Ukraine war

Boychenko had also called the Russian troops' attack ruthless and stated that officials were looking for solutions to humanitarian issues and were also considering the possible plans to get out of the blockade.

Advantage to Russian Troops

The blockade of the port city Mariupol by Russian troops has given them a key advantage as it will be easier for Kremlin forces to come from annexed Crimea.

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Meanwhile, a Western official has claimed that Moscow could deploy up to 1,000 more mercenaries to Ukraine in the coming days, emphasizing the possibilities of bombarding cities into submission.

The US officials have also said that there are indications that mercenaries are involved in the invasion. It came as some Kremlin troops are facing some challenges on the battlefield as a massive convoy of Russian troops is stalled in the north of Kyiv for a few days.