Running Man: YoonA says she hates watching Lee Kwang Soo take bath

Song Ji-hyo and Yoona were throwing short and specific questions to each other.

YoonA & Lee Kwang-soo.
Girls' Generation's YoonA and Lee Kwang-soo share a moment during filming of spot picture for Running Man Episode 363 'Summer special 2 : Finding bad girls.' Episode aired on August 13, 2017.

It seems the chemistry between Lee Kwang-soo and Girls' Generation member Yoona is getting hotter with each revelation on 'Running Man.' One recent confession from Yoona had everyone shocked. She has apparently seen Lee Kwang-soo take a shower.

Website Koreaboo notes that the preview of one recent episode in SBS's 'Running Man' shows the members and guests dressed in school uniforms. Yoona and Song Ji-hyo were both challenging each other in a game where three answers had to be given to a particular question.

Yoona was first given the opportunity to ask Song Ji-hyo a question. When Ji-hyo's turn came, she asked Yoona about three moments when she hates to see Lee Kwang-soo's face. Yoona quickly replied that those moments were when he eats, sleeps and uses the shower.

All the cast members including Kwang-soo were shocked. Some of them like Yang Se-chan, Yoo Jae-suk and also Ji-hyo immediately stood up and demanded more answers. Yoona immediately realised the impact of her response and burst out laughing while shaking her hands, trying to imply she actually hadn't seen Kwang-soo take a bath.

Kwang-soo was very embarrassed and like Yoona, put his head down on the table, trying to hide his face from others. He couldn't stop laughing as he asked Yoona when she had seen him wash himself; which had Song Ji-hyo in splits.

Ji-hyo also asked Yoona what she thought Kwang-soo was in his past life. To this question, Yoona took a bit more time and couldn't think up a third answer. She said he was a goblin and a beggar and something unknown in his past life. While she was thinking of the third answer, the whistle was blown.

To make it worse for Kwang-soo, everyone started emphasising on the first answer by calling him a beggar with long hair. Yang Se-chan even pulled his hair lightly. A hilarious photo of a screaming beggar with long hair and a dishevelled appearance was flashed on the screen beside Kwang-soo's face.

Kwang-soo felt a little betrayed and reminded Yoona she had said she liked his long hair. On the August 13 episode of 'Running Man' Yoona had said she had wanted to become Kwang-soo's partner. When the latter asked the reason, she said that unlike many others he looked great with his long hair.

Yoona had also asked two very straightforward questions to Song Ji-hyo. Her first question was what Song Ji Hyo does in the toilet. An embarrassing question no doubt, to which Ji-hyo had an honest reply, saying she uses the toilet to clean her bowels, to wash up and brush her teeth; just like everybody else.

Yoona then asked Ji-hyo to give three reasons why she hates the producer of 'Running Man.' This could've struck a nerve with Ji-hyo after the producers had removed her and Kim Jong-kook from the show, then brought them back again. However, Ji-hyo was not disturbed by the past and replied after a little bit of thought, saying he's ugly, talkative and annoying and then started laughing.

It's very clear Ji-hyo's response was in good taste. She even got up to give the producing director Jung Chul-min who was sitting outside the filming stage, a sweet hug and a kiss on his forehead. It was honest affection which showed she does not carry any ill feelings about her past treatment from the show's producers, anymore. Watch the preview below.

The next episode of 'Running Man' will air on August 20 at 4:50 p.m. KST on SBS.

This article was first published on August 20, 2017