Running Man Member's Week
'Running Man' cast during a meeting for "Member's Week" 2017 project.

A representative from popular SBS variety show, "Running Man" announced on April that Yang Se Chan and Jun So Min will be joining the show. Soon after the announcement, the producers of the show had a meeting with new cast members and they were shocked to know the real personalities of the new members.

According to Soompi, it was revealed during the meeting that the personality of actress Jun So Min's is very different from what people know. The actress carries an innocent image but in reality she completely opposite. It became quite evident when someone mentioning her commented, "She looks like she has a pure soul," the actress' reply shocked the producers as she confessed, stating, "I have a dirty mind."

On the other hand, Yang Se Chan too showed a different side of him showing off his determination to take the role of the rebellious youngest member. In fact, Yang Se Chan said to the producers, "I will defeat everyone!"

The producers were quite shocked but it did build up a strong first impression. Moreover, there are rumours that the new cast members of the show have lived up to the expectation during their first recording.

Producers have high hopes from them as previously, both Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min came on the show as guests there was a sharp rise in ratings.

In fact, the representative told Soompi, "When they starred in our show as guests, they had good chemistry with the original members. Their episodes also gathered high viewer ratings, and that played a part in our decision."

According to the reports, the clip of the first meeting with the producers will be released in the upcoming episode of the show that is on April 9 at 4:50 p.m. KST.