Running Man 'Monday Couple' Gary, Song Ji Hyo separation confirmed?

Gary and Song were rumoured to be dating after the rapper proposed her on Running Man show.

Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kand
Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang (Photo by Korea Top News/Youtube)

Gary Kang, who is the former cast member of the South Korean variety show Running Man, said that he would like to focus on his music career and his future plan doesn't include his co-star Song Ji Hyo , with whom he was romantically linked.

Soon after Gary quit the show, fans were eager to know if they would see their favourite couple together again. However, the rapper's fans are in a great distress to know that he and Song Ji Hyo, who were known as the Monday Couple, wouldn't be seen together anymore.

According to Movie News Guide, the tag Monday Couple was given to Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang after they joined the popular Korean show. They were even romantically linked together but Gary's statement brought all speculations to rest and it seems that this is the end of the Monday Couple.

According to reports, Gary wants to dedicate and focus more on his music career and for now, he'll not be appearing in any of the TV shows. Moreover, the star is getting ready for his new album but no specific release date has been confirmed yet.

It was also reported that on one of the recent episodes of Running Man, the Korean star proposed his co-star Song Ji Hyo. The latter neither rejected nor accepted the offer but said that the news of Gary returning for even one show made her feel nervous and frightened.

Fans from all over the world are just wondering whether their favourite couple would be ever seen on-screen together or not. With all that's going on it is difficult to say whether they are planning to continue their careers separately or planning the next step of their relationship.