Running Man-refueled
Running Man cast members.

SBS popular variety show, "Running Man" recently shared some of the behind-the-scenes stills from the show revealing Lee Kwang Soo and Yang Se Chan crying in the middle of the ocean.

According to Soompi, in the upcoming episode of SBS's variety show, "Running Man," HaHa, Lee Kwang Soo, Yang Se Chan and Kim Jong Kook do everything to be free from the Japanese haunted house punishment.

The haunted house they are in, it is listed as one of the scariest in the world on the Guinness Book of World Records. The task of the members is to catch a king crab and ten other types of seafood in Russia and only then they'll be able to leave the place.

The team goes according to the plan, rents a boat. They head into the Russian ocean and spend the entire day on the water.

In the end, however, Lee Kwang Soo and Yang Se Chan break down and start crying. While crying, they say, "We'll just go to Japan!"

Meanwhile, Ji Suk Jin, Yoo Jae Suk, and Jeon So Min travel to Mongolia and try to complete the other challenges there.

Viewers can watch the moment when Lee Kwang Soo and Yang Se Chan break down in the upcoming episode of Running Man.