Running Man: Lee Kwang Soo gets a painful back massage from Soyou

September 3 episode of Running Man will feature singer Soyou as a guest.

Lee Kwang-soo and Soyou
Lee Kwang-soo and Soyou.

'Running Man' member Lee Kwang-soo easily falls in love with female guests on the show and tries to win their affection desperately. This time, the female guest was South Korean singer Soyou and Kwang-soo got more than he asked for.

As noted by website Soompi, Soyou will be featured as a guest in the upcoming episode of 'Running Man.' She was entrusted with the job of helping the 'Running Man' members complete a mission to secure their final vacation destinations. Soyou also offered pilates massages to the show's members in what looks set to be a hilarious episode.

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Lee Kwang-soo was especially eager to get a massage from the 25-year-old singer. However, it didn't turn out so well for him or the other members. There was Kwang-soo, eagerly lying face down on the floor, waiting for Soyou to massage him. Instead of gently offering him some soothing massage, Soyou pressed her feet hard on Kwang-soo's spine, causing him to scream from pain. The other members are soon seen jumping on top of Kwang-soo, pinning him to the floor, while Soyou laughs at the situation.

Most of the members also thought that Kwang-soo must have overreacted about the pain but each of them got to endure painful pilates massage sessions from the former SISTAR member. Both HaHa and Song Ji-hyo were seen wincing from pain as Soyou gave pilates massages to them. The "Push Push" singer had a laugh about it though and appeared to be enjoying experimenting on the variety show's members.

Lee Kwang-soo is always the most unfortunate member on the show; an object of laughter. This episode was no different for the "giraffe." On the August 13 episode, Girls generation singer YoonA embarrassed Kwang-soo by saying she hates seeing him take a shower, prompting the others to wonder whether the singer had actually seen Kwang-soo take a bath; which she said she didn't.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Lee Kwang-soo and Yoo Jae-suk were in talks to be part of a new Netflix variety show that will feature "a different format for every episode," as per the show's PD.

The 'Running Man' episode featuring Soyou will air on September 3 at 4.50 p.m. KST.

This article was first published on September 2, 2017