Running Man to invite Twice girls once again for a cameo?

The 'Running Man' members were sad to spend only a short time with TWICE girls.

Nine-member girl band Twice might cameo on reality show Running Man once again. The production team has reportedly promised the girls that they would be invited for a full episode telecast in the near future.

The girl group, who debuted last year, appeared on the 302 episode of the show, along with actor Yeo Jin Goo on June 5. While the Orange Marmalade actor presented a full episode, the Twice girls made their way only for the final game of the telecast.

Commenting on the band's short stint for the show, the makers affirmed that they would like to call girls again for the full-fledged episode. The show's production house stated: "It ended faster than we expected. TWICE could only participate in the afternoon because of their schedules, but we were grateful that they worked so hard."

The staffer added: "The 'Running Man' members were sad to spend a short time with TWICE as well. The TWICE members said, 'If you call us again, we'll work hard', so we promised to bring all the TWICE members on for a 'TWICE' special."

In addition, the K-pop girl group had quite a lot of fun while shooting for the special broadcast. The girls also got a chance to get their hands on the classic version of the highly requested name tag race.

Producer Lee Hwan Jin said: "Many people were asking about the name tag race, so we did it." He also appreciated Jin Goo for his distinctive skills. "He did so well. You will be able to see Yeo Jin Goo's new side," Hwan Jin added.

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