Rudy Giuliani Seen Publicly Shaving While Eating at Table Inside JFK Airport Lounge [VIDEO]

Giuliani was seen having a plate of brownies, when he suddenly took out a razor and started using his tablet camera in selfie mode and began shaving.

Donald Trump's former lawyer Rudy Giuliani was blasted on social media after he was filmed publicly shaving while seated inside a John F. Kennedy International Airport restaurant. The former New York City Mayor suddenly took out a razor and started shaving as he ate his meal, much to the horror of onlookers.

The bizarre incident was shot by a traveler Nick Weiss and the moment it made its way to social media, users started slamming Giuliani for his weird action. However, this isn't the first time that Giuliani has made himself a subject of ridicule on social media.

Bizarre Moment

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani caught shaving while eating at table Twitter

The shocking buy hilarious video was initially posted by Weiss, who couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted Giuliani riding up to the Delta One lounge on a golf cart on Sunday about 5:30 pm. Weiss was also headed to the lounge spotted Giuliani and everything seemed normal as he starts digging into his lobster bisque.

"It took him 15 minutes to have one bowl of soup because every time he'd bring the spoon up to his mouth, half would fall back into the soup," Weiss told "It was disgusting."

But then came the shocking moment. After finishing the soup, he ordered for brownies, which was soon served. That's when he took out a razor and started using his tablet camera in selfie mode and began shaving, Weiss said.

Weiss said that what took everyone at the lounge by shock was that there was a "really nice bathroom" but Giuliani preferred to shave sitting at his table. It isn't clear why Giuliani – who more recently worked as Trump's personal attorney – started shaving in the dining area of a bustling airport.

Ridiculed on Social Media

Weiss posted the video on social media, following which people started reposing it and ridiculed Giuliani for the bizarre moment. Also, some Instagram users shared their own theories.

"Look at these disgusting filthy nasty slob (Rudy Giuliani) shaving in a restaurant at JFK yesterday. You nasty pig you #Rudy," wrote actor Michael Rapaport, who reposted the video.

"You nasty filthy, sloppy, disgusting, filthy f****** animal," said the actor over the video on his social media pages. "You f****** pig. You should be ashamed of yourself."

"Is that the unemployment office waiting area?" wrote one user @salemdavesh.

"He's homeless now he gotta do what he gotta do," wrote another user.

"Omg I don't have words for how gross that is. all of it. Rudy Giuliani. Shaving. In a restaurant. All of it," tweeted @realleemoulin.

"Rudy is a pig shaving at a JFK FOOD COURT. Does this fool care about anyone else, how bad can he get?" tweeted Alex Cantwell.

That said, this is the latest in a string of embarrassments for Giuliani. The FBI raided his home and office in April and seized computer equipment as part of an investigation into whether he violated lobbying laws while working for Trump.

Giuliani was suspended from practicing law by a New York court in July for making 'false and misleading statements' about Trump's 2020 election defeat.