Rubbishing liposuction chatter, f(x)'s Luna reveals how she gained weight to feel fit again

Luna of f(x) revealed that she gained weight while working on her first solo album

Luna of f(x) revealed that she gained weight while working on her first solo album Facebook/fx-Luna

f(x)'s Luna opened up about her weight issues with Beauty+. The girl band member, who was embroiled in Liposuction rumours in the past, revealed that she gained 5 kgs to feel fit and healthy.

In a recent interaction with the publication, the 22-year-old relayed some thoughtful points on how to keep your inner self in top shape. She said: "Health is first and foremost. Recently, my health was so bad that it was difficult for me to sing, so I changed my diet and gained 5kg."

And for how she got back into the healthy shape, the singer disclosed: "Before I go to bed, I think back and go over what I ate that day. If I feel like I've eaten too many high-calorie foods, then I tell myself that's enough for today, and I should eat less tomorrow. It also motivates me to exercise."

Luna, who made her solo debut in June, also thanked her variety show cast for her thriving health and flawless skin: "I was able to fix my unhealthy eating habits and life patterns through 'Get It Beauty'. I learn a lot from the unnies," she said.

Meanwhile, in previous airing of the beauty show, Luna was accused of losing weight through liposuction. The songstress was said to have lost weight abruptly through surgery as she appeared leaner than before.

However, refuting the so-called 'liposuction' rumours, the South Korean singer-actress instantly tagged the stories as false. "I lost 8kgs. When I was the most thin in 2015, there was talk that I underwent liposuction on my whole body, " Luna stated.

"There were also rumors that I'd shaved my bones, but I definitely did not.Everything they say is groundless. I will soon tell everything on how I removed these fats on my body through this show," she added.