Ronnie Ortiz may get jail term for chasing Jen Harley with a knife in front of their daughter

Ronnie Ortiz & Jen Harley

As shocking as it might sound, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro chased his girlfriend Jen Harley with a knife on October 4 and the LAPD had tased and arrested the actor and charged him with domestic violence. The tragic part is that he chased Jen with the weapon right in front of their 18 months old daughter, Ariana Sky.

Ronnie is now out on bail and two California criminal lawyers reported that he might face 5 to 7 years in prison if convicted, as the charges against him are serious.

Two Los Angeles criminal attorneys told Hollywoodlife, "The likely charges associated with this would be in the realm of domestic violence felony. Assault with a deadly weapon, which is the knife and child endangerment and cruelty. He is probably facing somewhere between 5 to 7 years in state prison if he's convicted on all charges and given the maximum sentence."

However, the kidnapping charge won't stick because it's a minor and it is his child, whose custody is with him. If he had moved his wife against her will, that would be kidnapping. But if he moved a minor, as the parent, then it is not kidnapping, they explained.

However, lawyer Ambrosio E. Rodriguez offered a grim ray of that that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro can hope to receive pardon as he has no previous criminal record. Rodriguez stated that his lawyer can plead for pardon for Ronnie and receive a lenient sentence. "He doesn't have a criminal record it could be plied down. He is eligible for probation, parenting classes, anger management, some kind of counseling, free labor or local time. I expect that he'll be bailed out today."