Roman Cambell: Credit Suisse Director Fired After He Was Filmed Attacking Waiters at A Koreatown Restaurant in NYC (WATCH)

A director for Credit Suisse, a global investment and financial services firm, has been fired after he reportedly attacked waiters at a Koreatown restaurant. Roman Cambell, a media and info services director for Credit Suisse, was caught in a camera attacking a waitress after staff refused him to use the bathroom.

Cambell demanded to use the restroom when he stumbled into Shanghai Mong at 1.52 am. But the restaurant told him that the restroom is only for customers.

Roman Cambell
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Cambell Attacked Restaurant's Owner

Cambell lashed out, smacking the female restaurant owner's phone from her hand and punching a Hispanic male waiter who tried to fight him off. He has now been fired from his information and media services role at the bank, according to Daily Mail.

Restroom Was Only For Customers

So far, it's not clear that the former director of the bank will face any assault charges for his action.

Restaurant owner Jane Yi told New York Post that the incident at Shanghai Mong unfolded when Roman Cambell apparently stumbled into the West 32nd Street eatery in the wee hours of June 4 to use the bathroom.

When Yi said the bathroom was only for customers, Cambell allegedly became belligerent, refusing to leave and recording her on his cellphone, she said, according to NY Post.

Videos appeared on the internet show that Cambell attempted to take Yi' mobile and tossed a checkbook on the ground. The former director also fought with a waiter and pulled him from his hair before smacking him across the head.

Customers who were at that time in the restaurant left the place without placing any order.

After Cambell's video started circulating on the internet and social media, he was fired from his post.

Credit Suisse in a statement said that "it's aware of the allegations circulating over social media, which occurred off the property and are unrelated to Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse maintains and adheres to a policy condemning discrimination, bullying or violence of any kind."

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