Laver Cup Day one
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Former world number one Roger Federer says for a professional player to only focus on tennis is not the right approach.

The Swiss legend will represent Europe at the 2019 Laver Cup that will take place later this year in Geneva.

Federer was talking to CNN Money and the 20-time Grand Slam winner was asked if people could see him involved more with the Laver Cup in the future. This is when the 37-year-old shed light into his role in the preparation of the Laver Cup and explained why the players should have a different outlook to the game.

"I am not organizing the Laver Cup, I am just dropping ideas from the player's perspective. How can we make it fun for the players and for the fans around the world. I want them to get the best experience for everybody, maybe sometimes even media because I worked with you guys, I got what they like as well," said Federer.

"One day maybe I will start organizing stuff, but you never know. In terms of the business yes, I have always been truly engaged and interested in my business because there was also a time I did not have an agency for a couple of years when I became the world No.1," the Swiss added.

"So, these were interesting times and very important times for me to actually care because often as a tennis player you are told, 'You go play tennis and we take care of everything" And that's the wrong approach, to be honest'."

The first edition of the Laver Cup was started in 2017 but Federer is delighted the new product has been successful in drawing big brands across the world as their sponsors.

"It's a new product and when it's a new product people do not know, we do not know, investing in a new product can be scary or exciting," added Federer.

"Very excited that Rolex, J. P. Morgan have been very supportive towards tennis, I mean, overall they have all the Masters 1000s, the Grand Slams, and they also want to be part of the Laver Cup."

"Somebody may want to be just more cautious and say, 'This is not for us, maybe along the road', and there is no pressure from our side, we really wanted to have sponsors on board, and I think the Laver Cup can't really complain about the sponsorship," said the former world number 1.

"I know it's never easy, not easy to find some people to fight for big sponsorships and to fly in places, it's an ongoing battle. I think the Laver Cup can be very, very happy."