Rockstar Games: New job listing hints at company's next big game

Rockstar San Diego posts a new job listing for a QA game tester who could be working on its upcoming title.

Rockstar Games has just put up a new job listing on its official site, which invariably hints at the company's next big game in the works.

It is ascertained that Rockstar's parent company Take-Two Interactive recently held a meeting with its shareholders to discuss the financial prospects of the firm as Rockstar Games is expected to take up some exciting new projects in the near future.

Meanwhile, the chief financial officer Lainie Goldstein of Take-Two Interactive has said that the company is expecting revenue split of 75%:25% between 2K Games and Rockstar in the current fiscal year which is 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.

What does this mean to avid Rockstar fans? Rockstar's next big game will not be released during this fiscal year as it has reportedly signed a joint venture with 2K Games for some other project.

Also, Take Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick has announced that the company has already listed its project roster for the current fiscal year and the schedule does not feature any of Rockstar's game titles. To be precise, there will be no game releases from Rockstar until 31 March 2017.

Rockstar's history beckons that the time gap between the announcement of a game and its release date could be anywhere between 20-24 months as was the case with GTA 5 which was released 22 months after its official announcement in September 2013.

According to a recent job listing on Rockstar San Diego, the company is looking for a "creative and passionate" Quality Assurance (QA) game tester to work on multiplayer functionality with excellent research, communication and administrative skills, besides possessing impressive team-player skills.

One glance at the roles and responsibilities for the job suggests that the selected candidate will be required to test Rockstar's games, report errors, and log the details into the bug-tracking system to ensure superior game quality ahead of its release.

The desired skill sets for the job include experience with Xbox Live, PSN+, Rockstar Social Club and Steam Platforms, which literally suggests that Rockstar could be working on a game that will be seeing the simultaneous release across multiple gaming platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and PC. This should come as a pleasant surprise to all Rockstar fans as it has been a rarity with Rockstar's game releases till date.

Rockstar has often ported half-baked versions of console games to PC in the past and then remastered them to get the desired performance as well as visual effects.

Such a scenario can now be averted as Rockstar San Diego seems all set for a big sequel to Red Dead Redemption across all the gaming platforms without requiring a console port.

Moving on to the probable E3 announcements, Rockstar is likely to unveil the sequel to Red Dead Redemption or reveal a big story mode expansion pack for GTA 5.