Robots may excel at mind-games but are still awful at soccer

Ubbo Visser leads the RoboCanes project alongside a group of computer science students.

Chess, maths, science, general knowledge are some of the fields, where you don't want to mess with an AI or a robot. Let's just be honest that if we do, chances are we will always be on the losing side. The only feasible area to defeat them is in football and before you dismiss this entire article, let me say that it is a proven fact.

RoboCanes robotic soccer team of University of Miami University of Miami

Our champion is actor Judah Friedlander, who has embarked on a journey to challenge all things AI for the sake of humanity and the latest instalment of his journey finds him at the University of Miami, flexing his "bend-it-like-Beckham" skills on the university's RoboCanes robotic soccer team to see if we, humans, have any fighting chance against this machines or our hopes are going to be dashed here too.

Dr. Ubbo Visser, who is currently working as a software developer on the RoboCanes project said, "We're playing soccer to identify how much new technology we need to create and we need to develop in order to have a fully autonomous team of humanoid robots and humanoid embodiments."


But all said and done they are not something you would make a national football league out of, so if you are a complete novice and still want to feel good about defeating someone, one who has been trained in the art of soccer no less, this is your chance to shine and make a difference.