Robert Nikic: The Dropshipping Millionaire Who Disrupted the Industry

Robert Nikic

Robert Nikic, the CEO of dropshipping platform Why Unified, was born in Yugoslavia but immigrated to the United States as a result of the Baltic War. When he first stepped foot on American soil, he never could have imagined where his life would take him. Thanks to his curiosity, hard work ethic, and business sense, Robert Nikic is now a dropshipping millionaire who disrupted the industry in ways no one thought possible.

How Robert Nikic Learned about Dropshipping

When Robert Nikic first arrived in the US, he found himself working in various establishments inside hotels, and as time passed and Nikic built a reputation for hard work, he eventually started working in some of the nation's biggest and most luxurious resort hotels. There, he was surrounded by businesspeople who were rich beyond his wildest dreams, and eventually decided to start his first foray into the business world. He built a website, found some dropshipping tools, and opened an e-commerce store.

Hard Lessons Learned

Like many people who are excited to start their own businesses, Robert did plenty of research about dropshipping and managing a business. He put everything he learned to work for him, including some of the popular dropshipping tools - the very same ones that are still being offered to this day. While he never expected that he would become a millionaire overnight, he did believe that he would start to see profits in short order. Unfortunately for Robert Nikic, this never happened. This was a problem that Robert was determined to solve.

Why Unified is Born

The first iteration of Why Unified was born as a result of Robert's commitment to success. He had worked hard to build his store, and he wasn't about to let it fail him now. Robert created a series of steps and processes designed specifically around marketing a dropshipping business. Those processes proved successful, and Robert started seeing more traffic than ever before. Despite this, though, he still wasn't closing sales, and his business still wasn't profitable.

Seeking eCommerce Success

After launching Why Unified, Robert could have given up his online store and instead focused on the platform. Due to his desire to succeed, though, he continued pressing forward. After all, he had spent countless thousands of dollars and put years of effort into his store. Just as he had done with the marketing platform, Robert started brainstorming the reasons why his store wasn't performing.

Why Unified Today

In 2021, just three years after it re-launched, Why Unified had helped more than 15,000 dropshippers. As of 2023, Why Unified is slated to be one of Inc's 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies - something that only one in every two million startups will ever achieve.

Robert Nikic didn't know the first thing about dropshipping when he set foot on American soil. Between hard work, dedication, and sheer curiosity, Robert built a multi-million dollar empire with the very same tools that can still be found in the Why Unified platform today.