Robert Downey Jr responds to NASA after they offered tips to rescue Iron Man

Avengers Infinity War
Tony Stark aka Iron Man YouTube

The Avengers Endgame trailer left many fans upset over the seeming doom that Tony Stark was headed toward. He is seen recording what is essentially his last words. The poignant scene is even heavier when considering the fact that Stark has no clue whether or not Pepper Potts survived Thanos' "dusting".

In the opening moments of the trailer, we can see Tony Stark recording a message on his helmet, powered by Friday, for Potts. He mentions that food and water ran out and that the ship's air will also be unbreathable the next morning. While we can expect Stark to be rescued before the end of the film and joining hands with the remaining Avengers, it still makes for a bleak look into the situation he is now.

Seeing this, several fans of the franchise started to ask NASA for help in finding Iron Man who is currently set adrift in space. To everyone's surprise, the space agency actually did respond, offering a few tips on how to start the rescue mission. Robert Downey Jr has now responded to NASA's Tweet.

"Always good to know NASA has your back." Tweeted RDJ, quoting the space agency's Tweet from last week. NASA responded again, saying "Failure is not an option".

NASA actually replying to the messages both from fans as well as RDJ is rather sweet, considering the actual physics of the film would make space travel as depicted, not only impossible, with current tech, even getting a message out so far between galaxies is not likely to be possible.

As to how Iron Man is going to make it back to Earth, there are several fan theories out there. Captain Marvel, a Kree warrior could save him from space, Thor could summon the Bifrost through his hammer and get Stark out of his predicament, but one of the most interesting theories has Tony Stark, engineering and science-ing his way out of his problem. He is known to do that, after all, that's how he became Iron Man in the first place. As the smartest man in the Marvel universe, it is not too far-fetched an idea.