The Road to Financial Freedom? Nestor Castro Shares His Experience With Dropship Tribe

Nestor Castro

Traveling, having money, achieving success, are some of the dreams of hundreds of people. However, although it is a common aspect, only a few focus their efforts and energies on working to achieve them. What for some may represent "a stroke of luck" is seeing someone achieve their goals, is nothing more than a combination of determination, effort, and efficiency in the use of the resources that come along the way.

Thanks to the reach of the Internet and the advances in innovation, the possibilities of obtaining those dreams that they so much desire can be closer, it is only a question of orienting in the correct direction, to reach longed for financial freedom. But is this possible? Nestor Castro, an expert in e-commerce and his business model are proof of this.

Ex-military and ex-policeman in the United States, Nestor Castro, was for a long time in search of the path that would make him feel satisfied. Although serving his country in Afghanistan for 12 months and then in the police force allowed him to gain experience, discipline, and leadership, inside he always wanted to go for more.

The retirement of the security forces allowed him to recover part of his life and although the adaptation was not an easy matter, it represented one of the steps to later enter the business environment. Analyzing the technological advances and seeing the rise of e-commerce as an unbeatable opportunity, he started with the Dropshipping model.

Once he acquired enough knowledge, he watched his business grow and become increasingly successful. It was then, that he understood that it was time to share part of his success with the world, teaching others how to have the opportunity to achieve their financial freedom and achieve success.

Dream Big and you Will Be Big

Nestor always dreamed of traveling and having a lot of money, this idea not only remained a dream, but it became a motivation to work tirelessly. After obtaining an income of up to 6 figures, thanks to his Dropshipping business, he decided to undertake a new project.

Together with two people who know the market, they decided to found Droship Tribe, a specialized agency that not only shows the relevance of e-commerce but also provides interested people with the necessary tools together with guidance to undertake the path towards their goals.
Incentive to Action

Although your company is open to anyone who wants to undertake in the digital environment. Nestor has focused special attention on encouraging and especially educating young people about financial freedom and the importance of starting early with an entrepreneurial mindset.

He assures that every day that passes and does not start is a lost day. It is an opportunity to let go and start the way to your dreams and the success of being able to achieve them. In his opinion, starting early allows young people to make mistakes and have the possibility to reinvent themselves as many times as necessary to move forward on the path.