RM's comment to play 'Forever Rain' at his funeral leaves fans teary-eyed

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"Forever Rain" is the title track of RM's latest release "Mono". During his interaction with V Live, RM expressed his love for the track and wished for the song to be played at his funeral.

The 50-minute live broadcast played on Naver's V app got the artist speaking his heart out to his fans. RM said, "I have strong feelings attached to the song. I feel that there can't be another song that is more like me than this song".

"Mono" features seven experimental songs written and assisted by RM. It currently stands at No. 26 on the Billboard 200 ranking highest for a solo K-pop track.

Talking about the soundtrack "Forever Rain" RM said "I always wanted to write a song about rain. There are so many beautiful songs out there with the word rain in the title". He further explained in details about the making of the songs in "Mono".

RM mentioned that the album was a reflection of himself from 2016-2018. The artist said that instead of "showy promotions" he wanted to focus on the content. It reflects "the music that he wants to make, listen to and share with others".

During the course of the interaction, RM revealed that he has begun work for his next solo project. "Mono" is the artist's second solo record following "Rap Monster".

Following the interaction session, his fans have taken to social media to express their love for RM. Though they appreciated his feelings for the song, Twitter has been overcome with concerned fans wishing him to "not face death anytime soon". Fans also shared their fear of death and stated the song to be "meaningful yet heartbreaking".

"Forever Rain" emphasizes an emotional state of mind and stand out from the heavy drum beats and piano melody. It is an introspective song dealing with the struggles of depression and feelings of inadequacy.

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