From RM to V, 5 BTS Stars Enroll For MBA; Any Connection to Military Enlistment?

BTS Jin joined MBS course in 2017. RM, Suga and JHope joined in September 2019, while V and Jimin will enter the program in December 2020.

Twitter/BTS Official

Members of South Korea's most popular boy band BTS is in news for something other than music this time. According to the latest news, five members of BTS have enrolled for the master's program. They will soon hold a postgraduate degree in advertising media.

Reports in AllKpop claim that the five BTS five members will start their course at different times. RM, Suga and JHope have already started their course during the first semester in September 2019, while V and Jimin will begin their course from the second semester that will start from December 2020.

Five BTS Members to Join Jin in University

Accordingly, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and V will be Masters of Business Administration and specialize in the advertizing sector. They have enrolled into Hanyang Cyber University. The five members are all set to join Jin, who is already a student of the master's program in the university. Jin enrolled in 2017. However, the only BTS member who has not enrolled is Jungkook, as he is the youngest member. He is likely to enroll for higher studies in the coming years.

The University selects students after thorough interviews. The BTS members were interviewed online and have got admission in the university.

Schooling to Delay Military Enlistment?

As soon as the news of BTS members taking up post graduation courses broke, netizens started speculating that this action was taken to delay the stars' military enlistment. However, reacting to the same, Big Hit Entertainment, the agency representing BTS, has clarified that the relevant rule was removed in 2018. Currently, it is not applicable under military law.

The agency also clarified that BTS members are serious about the studies and have enrolled into the program with their own interest.

"The members' admission to graduate school is not due to their military service, but they all wanted to go to school because they have the will and desire to study," said Big Hit Entertainment. Accordingly, Jin is likely to enlist for military by early 2021.

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