Rishabh Shanbhag Reveals the Secret to Higher Search Engine Rankings

Rishabh Shanbhag

Rishabh Shanbhag is a young tech influencer who is way ahead of his age. You won't usually come across someone who jailbreaks Apple's operating system at the age of 13. Rishabh did precisely that. His popularity on social media earned also enabled him to volunteer and successfully spread the word about UN's #GivingTuesday movement, a program that encourages philanthropy. His sharp mind also helped him become a consultant at a Big 4 US firm.

His social media followers wait eagerly to get advice on various technical subjects. Rishabh often shares his opinion on what he thinks about different tech topics. For example, SEO and search engine rankings are subjects that most entrepreneurs love to listen to. With his vast experience in computer language programming and algorithms, Rishabh has his opinions on them that many people can agree to.

Why SEO?

Rishabh first lays down the question, "Why is SEO important for your business?" The apparent answers will drive more traffic, make more people aware of your brand, and increase sales. But how does SEO work to achieve these objectives? Rishabh takes you behind the scenes of search engines.

Using Google Indexer

According to Rishabh, a slick trick to attain a higher ranking in search engines is to use the Google Site Indexer. Most people don't invest time in trying to understand how an Indexer works. Rishabh explains the process in a few easy-to-understand lines.

"First of all, once you create your website, you can use Indexer to create five unique links from Google. These links will unite to support your website once it goes on air. You need to drop your website's link into these websites to ensure that a few more links point to your website via backlinks. The more links you drop, the more chances you create for other websites to promote your site. This is one of the tried and tested techniques by marketers to improve a site's ranking. It may sound too technical for an entrepreneur, but to someone familiar with SEO, it's bread and butter."

Integrating YouTube videos to search engines

In addition to Indexer, Rishabh also wants digital marketers to integrate YouTube videos into search engines. He believes that if a brand has a YouTube channel and a website, it has a better ranking on the first page. Integrating YouTube videos can drive more organic traffic to your website. And then, your visitors can redirect to your website via your YouTube channel.

Rishabh suggests that marketers can pick up the concept of Indexer and use it on YouTube as well. That means if you have a YouTube channel, you can increase your views and subscribers by dropping your channel's link on five or more relevant media. Upon scaling your views and subscribers list, you will notice a lot of the viewership is coming from the link that other channels shared.

It's not every day that you see a tech genius like Rishabh. Follow him on Twitter to keep yourself updated about various tech news and views.