Rishabh Jain's Shiftal- Shifting Trade to the Future

Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain has been crashing many stereotypes with his sheer talent and creativity. One such instance would be, coming from a completely non-business family, yet achieving milestones as an entrepreneur time and again. In a constant effort to shift trade to the future, he has been upgrading himself consistently. In his words, "It's the mindset we bring to the table that makes the difference." Let's dig in to know more about Rishabh Jain and his entrepreneurial career.

The journey of Rishabh Jain as Shiftal's founder and CEO has been nothing less than phenomenal. However, just like Rome was not built in a day, his success and credibility happened gradually. Rishabh Jain had to overcome a lot of impediments along the way but all those hurdles acted as chisels in shaping him as an entrepreneur. He expresses his viewpoint on these obstacles metaphorically as 'speed-breakers on a highway'. He points out that being taken seriously by peers and folks around had always been a challenge. With the age bias and other related stereotypes working against young RJ (so-called by some of his peers), sailing upstream as a self-started entrepreneur was definitely a challenge in itself.

Rishabh Jain is focused on developing an effective system that can revolutionize the management of trade and finances. When asked about being an entrepreneur, he compares the experience to raising an infant, also highlighting that he doesn't have one. Just like there is no instruction manual that one can go by to handle a crying baby, one wouldn't know what works best for the organization right away, like a vision in a crystal ball. He also states that he got to know quite a lot about the industry and his role in it through multiple trial and error episodes. He says, "The trials, errors, gaps is what helps everyone bring out their Unique Selling Points (USPs)." He adds that his losses surpass his gains, however, the experience that he had attained along the way was immeasurable.

Right after his post-graduation, Rishabh Jain figured out that he is not someone who would work for somebody his entire life. That is when he realized his immersion in entrepreneurship. He started with very minimal resources. I am blessed to have the best team on board who have been working with us and we follow a very customer-centric approach in Shiftal", he explains. Through Shiftal, he is aspiring to bring about a shift from survival mode to sustainable mode. He has a customer-centric approach when it comes to his organization. Every expectation should be met and every discomfort should be resolved is what he feels.

Though Rishabh Jain is satisfied with what he has achieved, he says that Shiftal still makes sure to evaluate the various options and do thorough research before every 'next step'. While talking about his accomplishments, he is proud to see his brainchild grow and the attention global traders have been showering in his field. Moving forward, one gets to know his assets better. In the words of Rishabh Jain, "Someone once said, 'It gets lonely on top' and it is a fact, the naysayers would be the first one to leave and what you would be left with are the true friends or folks who would want you to succeed.

Speaking of his personality, Rishabh Jain is often seen as a visionary and workaholic among his friends and family. However, he describes himself as a geek; an all in one entrepreneur. He doesn't like comparing oneself to someone; He believes everyone has their own part to play. He also explains that he is not a person who is happy with the limelight, though he knows that it is a part of his job. He adds that if given a choice he would want to compete with himself and make it better for tomorrow. When asked about how he would like to be perceived, he says, "The way Tony Stark is perceived, Millionaire, Philanthropist, Genius. I am still too young but I do have this insatiable hunger that drives me to outperform."