The rise of young entrepreneur from Chandigarh, Nitin Bhardwaj. A story that is worth telling!

Nitin Bhardwaj

The journey of Nitin Bhardwaj, The young entrepreneur, started in digital marketing with part-time blogging. With blogging, his main motive was to have a passive source of income while studying at university. He was always enthusiastic about cybersecurity and has done many recognized bounty programs. He wanted to be a software programmer. He was also curious about marketing. How the products are marketed, how these ads are created, what kind of strategies they follow, what he had to do to work with them.

This whole journey started with how the products are showcased in front of the people. Right now, he owned a marketing agency named Howling Media. He worked with industry leader Mr. Neil Patel, an expert at Facebook ads. He also excelled at E-Commerce and drop shipping. He is fond of building ad funnels and Facebook ads to give the maximum results to clients. He is always trying to do things differently to get maximum output within the set budget.

According to Bhardwaj, this pandemic has taught him a lot. He could use this time to do something valuable, which let him enhance his sales skills and become an expert in marketing.

Being an entrepreneur, the definition of success for him is reaching the mountain's peak by taking small steps. With every small step, he likes to unlock the door with a key or without a key. He always wanted to expand his horizons, and he always wanted to be grateful for having a passion for trying things diligently.

Wise to know at such a young age that as every industry depends upon each other, success lies in helping others first to grow. In helping others, Nitin thought that he found success in the marketing industry like in the universe, what you give and in the same way you receive back.

It is interesting to know from him that there is another way, to stand out or succeed in the industry by self-educating. He said that as we all are living in the internet world, where everything is possible. The infinite knowledge is at your fingertip. All we have to do is learn by ourselves along with self-discipline. While self-educating, it is important to learn in the right way and step by step to achieve success. He deeply believed that everybody has the chance to become great. He claimed it for himself and strived towards it.

Nitin is doing every possible thing to become successful. He believes that everybody gets their chance in life. At that time, we have to recognize it and grab it. Even if we feel that we are not ready for it, say yes. Then learn how to do it in a great way. Because very few times we will get an opportunity and it is wise to grab it. As we grab the opportunity while learning, it will help us to reach goals and bring untapped potential in ourselves.

He said that our generation is really lucky to access the internet and such vast information about anything. Through self-educating, he has been able to develop tremendous potential in managing businesses and marketing strategies. He is always seeking opportunities where he can leverage his knowledge. He is trying to do things differently and achieve results through it.

Nowadays, he is more interested in helping brands to stand out in front of potential audiences. Through his company, he wanted to make a great impact on the marketing industry. He wanted that with every brand he works must stand out.

He wanted to do exceptionally interesting and remarkable strategies that will eventually help the brand and impact others. Currently, his focus is to peak unique, and the most interesting and influential projects that he believes are going to be most rewarding at the end of the day. As the brand or project will stand out, it helps him show off his skills in front of a larger audience.

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