The Rise and Dominance of Spike Email


The workplace has become exceedingly digital and complex. It is a knotted world of productivity apps and information overload. Workers, for instance, require task management, note-taking, collaboration, project management, email, and scheduling tools to perform their day-to-day business activities.

Data shows that the average support team employee logs in to 35 apps daily. They also make about 134 copy-paste actions, dizzyingly switching between these apps at least 1100 times a day.

Consequently, employees are dealing with software overload from expensive software tools that only give the workplace an aura of efficiency. As a result, burnout is rising while productivity is declining in most of the world's industrialized economies.

Spike is a platform that streamlines one of the world's oldest and most prominent communications technologies; email. While email has proven its staying power and is the most popular formal communication tool worldwide, it is in dire need of innovation.

Decades of inertia have left the inbox almost a complete replica of its clunky 50-year self. Yet, over 3.9 billion email boxes are in operation, and people send and receive around 333 billion emails daily.

Email and communication management challenges have fueled the excessive use of multiple productivity apps in the workplace. Fortunately, the innovators at Spike, led by CEO Dvir Ben-Aroya, believe in change and have reformed the inbox.

Their solution is a conversational email platform first launched in 2014 as Hop. Hop's founder Erez Pilosof, is also the mind behind the popular Israeli Walla! web portal. Dvir Ben-Aroya and Erez Pilosof kicked off the startup's transformation to Spike in 2018, infusing the traditional email inbox with modernity.

Spike features

Unlike popular 'email killer' apps like Slack, Spike's technology does not seek to replace existing email platforms. Instead, it tweaks the email inbox into the chat app format. In addition, it creates email chat bubbles that encourage short, real-time, and swift messaging.

It accomplishes this task by re-skinning the email experience, helping users spend less time running through separate windows tabs. In addition, Spike's email instant messaging interface presents person-to-person emails in an impressive chat-like trendy layout.

Their email bubbles strip away classic elements such as headers and signatures and display the email subject, names, and icons of senders. On top of that, it has a convenient text box below each email thread for quick conversations.

Its unconventional email app user interface simplifies email communication and fosters real conversations between employees, sparking productivity. In addition, its email solution is so impressive that you can view your history of interactions with any sender by simply clicking on one email. This feature translates to less search and faster access to information.

The team at Spike has also built a cohesive productivity solution. For example, their innovative inbox interface now supports collaborative features such as tasks and notes. On top of that, they are in a race to revolutionize email data privacy and safety.

Spike has over 150,000 business and individual users. Its corporate clients include Sephora, Philips, Fiverr, Shopify, Zillow, and Zoom.