Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio 'getting serious' about each other

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio have been romantically linked since January 2015.

Rihanna and American actor/film producer Leonardo DiCaprio are reportedly getting serious about each other. The two had sparked rumours that they are dating after they were pictured together at the 2016 Coachella Music Festival on 16 April in Thermal, California.

"They're not exclusive yet but they're a lot more serious than they were," a source told Britain's Grazia magazine. "The fact they were so open shows just how far they've come."

"There is clearly a lot of chemistry between them," the insider added. "When the DJ played (Rihanna's track) Work they were fooling around and being very tactile. They kept whispering in each other's ears. They just had natural chemistry. It was like old lovers meeting."

Rumours that Chris Brown's former girlfriend and DiCaprio are dating, first made the rounds in January 2015. In an interview with Elle, Rihanna revealed her words to live by. She said: "'Avoid obviousness.' That is a quote by Leonardo DiCaprio. That's what makes you create something, that's the excitement, that's the thrill."

During an interview with Hello! magazine, the FourFiveSeconds hitmaker was asked by the interviewer: "How does Rihanna DiCaprio sound to you?"

Rihanna responded: "It sounds to me like you should stay away from the blogs because they will screw you every time. I'm so busy right now that I just don't have a lot of time to offer to a man, so it wouldn't even be fair to be thinking of pulling somebody else into this life. But if I did, he would have to be man enough to live with my schedule and not get scared."