Riding vacuum cleaner in space in Harry Potter style; watch fun science experiment by ISS astronauts

Riding vacuum cleaner in space
Riding vacuum cleaner in space YouTube screen grab

After showing the entire world how to make pizza in space now it's time for a vacuum cleaner to show wonders.

Up at the flying space laboratory, the International Space Station, residing astronauts keep conducting experiments regarding several earthly tasks in a rather unearthly atmosphere, i.e. in the micro-gravity atmosphere.

Scientists believe the results of these tests might actually help people improve their lives on earth. Now, one Russian astronaut took this entire scenario up a notch with a rather fun science experiment, which was that of a flying vacuum cleaner, in Harry Potter style in space.

Ace astronaut Anton Shkaplerov took to his Twitter account to share the entire experience and wrote that people often ask him if it's possible to actually ride a vacuum cleaner aboard the space station in zero gravity. So, there Shkaplerov grabbed a vacuum cleaner and jumped right on it in order to look for the answer.

Riding vacuum cleaner in space
Riding vacuum cleaner in space YouTube screen grab

It is, in fact, possible to ride a vacuum cleaner in space and by the looks of it; the ride appears to be really fun.

Anton posted a slow-motion video of him riding the vacuum cleaner and flying in zero gravity with "I believe I can fly" by R Kelly playing as the background score.

The video has already garnered over 2000 retweets on the micro-blogging platform.

This ongoing expedition in space marks the third one for the Russian cosmonaut. Previously, he had been the commander of Soyuz MS-07 space mission, which had reached the International Space Station in December 2017.

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The vacuum cleaner is not the only thing that the astronauts aboard ISS have conducted experiments on. Previously, four ISS astronauts, from the Expedition 53 crew, had made pizza in zero gravity. Also, one of the astronauts had conducted and shared a little experiment with a fidget spinner as well. We definitely are looking forward to seeing more such interesting experiments coming down straight from space.

This article was first published on January 24, 2018