Riding High on 60,000 Votes, Singer Kanye West Determined to Contest Again in 2024

Kanye West has secured more than 60,000 votes in 13 states. The singer has hinted about contesting in the 2024 elections!

Kim Kardashian's husband and singer Kanye West is said to have amassed at least 60,000 votes in his first presidential race. West's name appeared in the ballots of 13 states and with votes still being counted the number of votes the singer received is likely to go up.

Hip-hop star West got highest votes from Tennessee, where more than 10,000 people cast their ballots for West. He got more than 3,600 votes from Orange County residents. However, looking at all the votes West is able to amass till now, his claim of being "the greatest artist that God has ever created" for the Oval Office is still a distant dream. Despite the defeat, West is keen on contest again for 2024 elections.

Kanye West Instagram

According to Associated Press real-time statistics, here is a break-up of the votes received by West:

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Kim Kardashian's husband billionaire West announced his candidacy for president on July 4. He filed the FEC Form 2 after submitting that he had made more than $5,000 campaign-related expenditures, which is one of the criteria. However, as he took a sudden decision regarding contesting, he missed the deadline to file in 25 states.

But West managed to appear in the ballot papers of at least 13 states. As of now, the total votes secured by West amount to 2 percent of the total votes counted so far, which may turn crucial for the defeat of either of the top two contestants -- Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Kanye Votes For Himself

West cast his own ballot in Wyoming and claimed it was his first ever. "Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it's for someone I truly trust...me," he said in the social media.

West announced from the Times Square that he had voted for himself. He also said that it was not important who was elected as the President. "It doesn't really matter who's going to win if we have a plan in place to present to that president about what we need to have done," he said.

After getting the news that he had been defeated, he again took to social media and tweeted: "KANYE 2024," hinting at his candidacy for the next presidential election.

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