Richard Orlinski, the terrible Child of Contemporary Art

Richard Orlinski

Looking for motivation? Look no further. This inspiring story is all you need– Richard Orlinski, a French sculptor and visual artist, was born in Paris in the year 1966. Creative and
musical at the same time, the artist also produces music. He is known as the best contemporary artist in France (ArtPrice, 2015).

It was 2004, when it all began. Orlinski had decided that it was now or never, he had to devote his entire life to his art before it is too late. So began the hustle. Later on, in that very year, Orlinski went on to receive critical acclaim for this sculpture, 'Red Resin Crocodile' in the American Film Festival, held in France. He has displayed his sculptures in various places which has helped create a trademark for the artist.

"In creating, I release my positive energy. I would like my creations to help men channel their dark thoughts, transform them into beauty," Orlinski says, talking about his Born Wild series. It is a series of sculptures of ferocious animals. The concept of the series being that violence is in nature, it is vital, but Richard Orlinski also knows that beauty can turn violence into something positive and refreshing. Through the Born Wild concept, Orlinski questions the evolution of a primeval instinct into a civilized emotion.

Orlinski connects with people through his art form. He desires to incite an instantaneous emotion in the onlooker through art. Orlinski also believes in conversing or narrating a tale through art. The eccentric artist is widely known for the ingenious use of varied materials and peculiar forms in many of his sculptures. He has gone on from the street to TV screens to becoming one of the bestselling artists in the world and the struggle has been a constant throughout this journey. But it has all paid off in the end.

"Dedication is the key," Orlinski encourages. A crazy amount of passion; raw, naked emotions; and this sort of hungry compulsion goes into making such art pieces that are capable of talking to people. You will find the use of popular iconography such as skulls and Superman in many of his works as the artist is highly driven by Pop culture."In each
sculpture that I have already made, I have tried to put a symbol telling a story. Nothing is there by random or only for decoration," He says, while talking about his style of work.

Currently, 90 galleries from across the globe are showcasing his works. Orlinski has also collaborated with brands like Disney, Hublot, and Bandaï. Orlinski is also working on an online retail brand which brings people specialized limited edition goodies like the 'Kong Case'. If that's not enough, Orlinski has also launched a young talent incubator project known as the Tomorrow Hub. It has been helping exceptional young people realize their professional dreams.

Fascinated by the interactive technology, Orlinski has also designed an Augmented Reality app that will be launched soon. An artist, a musician, a sculptor, and a dreamer busy in realizing and constantly working on his dreams, Orlinski is a lot of things. Try having a one on one conversation with the artist and you will definitely end up learning something life-enhancing. Talking to Orlinski was a true delight.Dream on, stay devoted and dreams shall come true, much like Orlinski's did. Heartwarming inspiring, ain't it?