Richard Branson Space Flight Live Stream: Time, How to Watch as VSS Unity Prepares to Lift Off

Richard Branson's Space Trip Live Stream: Everything You Need to Know

The much-awaited space journey by British billionaire Richard Branson is finally coming true on Sunday. Branson's space ship, the V.S.S. Unity is set to lift off from New Mexico on Sunday morning as the billionaire entrepreneur competes with Jeff Bezos on the space arena.

Branson, the founder of the Virgin Galactic, wants to provide tourists an adventurous trip to the edge of space with rides on rocket-powered planes. Almost 17 years have passed since Branson said he was planning to start commercial space flights.

According to Virgin Galactic, the company still has to conduct two more test flights excluding the one on which Branson would try out before it is open for passengers. Moreover, Branson's space trip for the first time is to evaluate the cabin experience to enhance space journey for future paying tourists.

Spaceport America in New Mexico

Reportedly, the first space trip for Richard Branson is scheduled for Sunday morning. The plane will take off from Spaceport America in New Mexico, which is about 180 miles south of Albuquerque.

Virgin Galactic Space Trip Live
SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity launch from New Mexico Virgin Galactic official website

How to Live Stream Virgin Galactic Space Trip with Richard Branson?

The whole space trip of Richard Branson in Virgin Galactic Spaceplane will be broadcast starting at 9 A.M. Eastern time. The live stream of the Virgin Galactic Space trip with Branson will be hosted by Stephen Colbert. Those who wish to watch live must visit the official website of Virgin Galactic.

Singer Khalid To Perform New Song After Branson's Landing

Singer Khalid will be performing a new song after the Virgin Galactic Space crew lands. Moreover, Branson's rival billionaire entrepreneur and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, might make an appearance at the venue.

Who Will Accompany Richard Branson On His Debut Space Tour?

Billionaire Richard Branson will be accompanied by two pilots and three other passengers in his debut trip to space in the Virgin Galactic Space Plane with NASA-supported technology.

What is the size of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity?

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity is just about the size of a private jet.

Passengers Experience in Space

Passengers will experience weightlessness in space. They will be able to view Earth's curvature through the spaceship's 17 windows. The journey will not last longer than a few minutes as the spaceship will re-enter the atmosphere and glide back to the runway.

Richard Branson created the Virgin Galactic brand 22 years ago with the aim of leading a brand-new tourism industry in the world. Branson's planned flight from New Mexico spaceport is scheduled nine days before Jeff Bezos' blast into space on his Blue Origin rocket from Texas.

When will Virgin Galactic Open Commercial Trips to Space for Tourists?

After the successful space trip Sunday, Virgin Galactic will conduct two more test flights before starting regular commercial operations for paying passengers in early 2022. The company's ultimate goal is to conduct 400 flights every year.

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