Riccardo Lanzo: Changing the game of brand reputation on social media as a true blue social media lawyer

At 39 years, Riccardo Lanzo is already a famous lawyer, author, and a faculty at prominent universities, spreading his knowledge of law to others.

Riccardo Lanzo

No one can deny the tremendous growth and advances technology has brought into our lives. Especially in the form of social media, which is the result of the digital wave that has taken over almost all the industries and sectors. Technology is something that has created various new channels for marketers to engage and interact with people. Major thanks must also go to social media promotions and campaigns, which has become essential for a firm's integrated marketing efforts. On one hand, where social media presents such numerous opportunities to reach people and grow a brand, on the other hand, it can also lead to certain concerns, which may need sophisticated legal compliance advice, explains Riccardo Lanzo, a growing name in the law field, with an expertise in brand reputation on social media.

It is essential for people and brands to know that social media is still all about commercial advertising and the laws of traditional advertising may apply. There could be various issues that may arise with these channels having their own requirements, consumer endorsements, compliance obligations relating to advertising claim, use of celebrity images, trademarks, and many such things. This is when ace social media lawyers like Riccardo Lanzo do their magic and help and guide their clients in tackling such problems while paying attention to brand reputation on social media.

He further explains that there are countless issues and disputes that can arise on social media networks and on the internet between national laws and international regulations. To make sure to spread across his knowledge even in the youth and help them hone their skills in law, he also teaches Social Law at the university and has great collaborations with Italian universities like IULM and LUM.

However, there is more than what meets the eye in the case of Riccardo Lanzo. He has to his credit multiple books that he has authored. His best-seller is Right to Oblivion, which was released this year and apart from that, he also wrote Facebook law, Google law, and Right to be forgotten.

Riccardo Lanzo looks unstoppable in his quest to help his clients, (which now also includes famous celebs like international TikTok star Khaby Lame) to make sure they stay away from such conflicts on social media.