Riaan Naude: Wildlife Hunter Killed in 'Execution-Style' Murder in South Africa

The trophy hunter was an owner of Pro Hunt Africa company that encouraged hunting wild animals.

A wildlife hunter who enjoyed killing elephants and lions, was shot dead 'execution-style' in Limpopo, South Africa.

As per police spokesperson Lt.col. Mamphaswa Seabi, 55-year-old trophy hunter Riaan Naude's body was found next to his truck by police officials with blood all over his head and face.

The Heritage Protection Group (HPG), a non-profit crime-fighting organization stated that the hunter stopped his car on Marken Road, Limpopo, after the vehicle overheated. He was approached by two men driving a white Nissan pickup truck and one of them shot Naude at a very close range.

Riaan Naude

When they killed him, they stole one of his guns and fled the scene. The gunshot was heard by a cattle herder who saw the truck speeding away, HPG reported.

The investigation is underway to find the attackers as well as to determine the motive behind the attack.

Owner of Pro Hunt Africa company, located in northernmost South Africa, Naude openly encouraged hunting wild animals and has killed several endangered species across Africa.

According to The Mirror, the hunter is notoriously known for posting pictures of himself posing next to those dead animals like lions, giraffes and elephants along with zebras and rhinos.

Riaan Naude

When the news reached social media, users celebrated the death of the hunter who was heavily criticized by several Animal Rights organizations for the merciless killing of innocent wildlife.

"Well they do say karma comes to them who wait", one Twitter user said.

"Hunter hunted. There is party in animal heaven. I'm not happy, but animals should not be anyone's trophy; they should live and survive in their habitat naturally," another reacted.

"No more abusing defenceless animals," a user commented.

"When I look at this picture I can't feel sorry for him," a third added.