RHONY Star Luann de Lesseps Hogs Limelight for All Wrong Reasons; Social Media Reacts

Once again RHONY (Real Housewife of New York) star Luann de Lesseps hogged the limelight as she was allegedly thrown out of a gay piano bar in New York.

The 56-year-old reality star, who enjoys a large fan following, performs her own "Countess Cabaret" show. It is learnt that she showed up at the Piano bar in Manhattan in an inebriated condition, grabbed the mic and simply wouldn't stop.

Luann at Her Controversial Best

Interestingly, her critics have grabbed the opportunity to lambaste the star for her boisterous conduct and have gone to the extent of calling her a habitual offender. In 2017, De Lesseps was arrested on Christmas Eve at the Palm Beach in a drunk state and had reportedly misbehaved with a police officer by yelling at him and kicking him.

As reported in the leading English dailies, she was belting out tunes, telling booing patrons "f–k you," and was eventually kicked out.

However, despite having admitted to her, "not so sober condition", Luann de Lesseps denies having been kicked out.

Luann told Page Six that she and Kinky Boots producer Jim Kierstead arrived at the establishment together around 10:30 p.m. when a bunch of people were singing and it was a fun, boisterous crowd.

"I realize I was a little spoiled, but we had fun and it was getting late. I was rehearsing and I was in the mood to sing a few songs, 'she continued. 'Then Jim said to me,' Lu, I have an early rehearsal, 'and then we left at midnight, 11.30pm," added Luann.

Social media is rife with remarks on this incident related to the RHONY star. Not just the critics but cross section of media too is reporting the event thus drawing a response from the readers .

A twitter user writes, "People in the bar said she was drunk, filthy mouthed & they were tortured sitting thru what Luann De Lesseps considers "singing." @CountessLuann must stop pretending she is not a drunk. GO BACK TO REHAB".

Another user adds, "Money doesn't buy you class! Drunk Luann de Lesseps was kicked out of a gay piano bar."