Revolutionizing the handicraft industry of Iran with his creativity – Ehsan Mohammadi

Ehsan Mohammadi

One of the most basic human mental abilities that stimulate effective results is the craft of creativity. Being creative helps across various fields, but it is very crucial in the field of arts. Creativity helps artists enhance, evolve, and develop an art-form; it has provided a suitable background for the formation of lasting works of art. Likewise, in the field of handicrafts, one designer scaled to the top with his nuanced, creative, and exquisite art, which is in cahoots with the modern culture, he is Ehsan Mohammadi.

Ehsan hails from Iran and is a renowned handicraft designer, who possesses innate expertise & knowledge of the Iranian arts and handicrafts industry. At the age of 18, Ehsan entered the handicraft industry and felt that his nation's handicraft was not at par with other nations, as it lacked creativity and innovation. Ehsan was frustrated that Iran's 2500-year-old handicraft industry was not innovative enough and lacked the connection with the modern trends & society. To revolutionize the industry, Ehsan crafted designs that were in sync with the current trends; he combined custom as well as modern designs to create robust handicraft products.

These designs were widely appreciated and accepted across the global markets. Ehsan knows the importance of incorporating modern-day designs and catered to the needs of the 21st-century market. Having spent many years in the industry, Ehsan believes that the lack of branding and marketing for Iranian handicrafts has kept down this enigmatic industry, and thinks that the country should make the most of the online world, and garner more reach around the globe.

A prime example of this no-branding is that of world-famous Persian carpets, which many other nations have tried to create replicas of, but have all failed. Iran does not brand its products with any kind of name or logo which these nations take advantage of, and sell it under their name. This directly affects the country's economy and deprives the craftsmen of their due.

Ehsan's creativity has enriched the handicraft industry, and his hunger to innovate & connect with modern art has made him a master craftsman. Being the ingenuine artist, or a rational-thinking artist demanding justice, it is safe to say that Ehsan Mohammadi has revolutionized the arts & handicraft industry of Iran.