Revolutionary Advertising and Minimalism: Marco Valentinsig

Marco Valentinsig

Advertising has become a highly advanced industry with the advent of AI in recent years. Technology has always been the best partner for advertising but without a creative mind, it's all of no use. We bring to you one such talented young marketer from Italy who's revolutionizing marketing. Meet Marco Valentinsig, a young marketing expert from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. His core business revolves mainly around Instagram and his company website, but the results of his work go all over the internet.

Marco is a graduate in communication and media and has served as a marketing manager in a design company in the luxury and lifestyle industry. He's always worked in communications and marketing, the experience from which comes in handy all the time. He uses the latest technologies and the most innovative platforms that optimize and deepen this type of activity. He uses the creation of digital channels by developing projects of social media strategy, involving different tools such as reputation monitoring, social networks, website, fact-checking, and many more to mention. His first exposure to this industry was in the music industry where he worked to organize the publishing of structures and to create a team. When asked about how he handles his work pressure, he says, "In each mission, I set myself the goal of maximizing individual content covered by implementing company savings plans that lead to the enhancement of the brand itself and the achieving considerable annual budget." The themes of creation and management of brand web-oriented digital and those related to marketing territorial, are his major focus areas.

Marco reflects the true essence of Elon Musk's quote, "Great companies are built on great products." And this doesn't mean that success comes easy if you have a great product, everyone has to work hard to achieve results and Marco isn't an exception to it. His life hack is to be adaptive to the future. He learns different techniques and strategies from different sectors and combines them to create innovative solutions for every forthcoming hurdle. Marco's knowledge base is so big that one can learn so much in every single conversation with him. We wish him the best of luck for his future.