Revolution in China, Global Food Crisis and Tragic Accident in Royal Family: Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker Explains 'Difficult 2023'

Craig Hamilton-Parker, the psychic who predicted Donald Trump becoming the US president, Brexit and COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the death of Queen Elizabeth II, warned that 2023 will be a difficult year. Most recently, the "new Nostradamus" had the vision of King Charles III being hit by eggs.

He has predicted a revolution in China, global food shortages and a tragic accident within royal family.

Craig Hamilton-Parker
Wikimedia Commons

Food Shortage and Asian War

Craig said the most pressing issue in 2023 will be food shortages which will start off in developing nations. "There are hints right now that this is an issue, but next year this is set to become more serious. It will be a major impact on nations across the west which will also continue to battle with energy and living costs."

The psychic believes there will be full blown war between Taiwan and China. He had a vision of two submarines crashing off the coast of Taiwan. "Jane, my wife recently felt the energy of Sun Yat-Sen, the father of the Chinese nation. Now he was instrumental in spearheading the Xinhai Revolution which overthrew the Qing dynasty," Craig explained. "This means full on revolution will return to China because of the increasing number of lockdown laws as well as spiralling mortgage rates." He says the revolution will start in Mongolia. "While rumblings can be felt now, this will escalate into a full-on revolution."

In regards to the ongoing Ukrainian war, Craig said the world will be lucky to avoid a World War Three scenario. But tension will rise once again in the Middle East. He had a vision of a power station on fire in Iran. "There will be an escalation in aggression between both Israel and Iran which will result in a war. I would say there are two difficult years ahead."

Charles a Reforming King

Craig sees King Charles running the monarchy smoothly in the first year. "I see him as being a reforming King. But I get some strange feelings about the coronation itself and about what they call the stone of scone." It should be noted that this stone was used during the old coronation of the Scottish kings that was stolen by Edward and brought back to Westminister and only in recent years was it given back to Scotland.

Prince Andrew with King Charles
Prince Andrew with King Charles Twitter

The psychic has a range of weird feelings about Scotland and believes that something bad will happen to Prince Andrew. "I think he will undergo through a psychological breakdown and it really hits him with the death of his mother." Craig also sees King Charles turning against him. "He may do something like take an overdose but I didn't see him dying. I also have feelings about the psychological health of King Charles and him admitting later in the year of a depression after the high of coronation."

Harry-Meghan Rocky Relationship

Craig, who draws inspiration from India's Nadi astrologists, foresees Meghan's relationship with Prince Harry beginning to fracture. "They'll eventually break-up, leading the duke to become a "deeply-troubled" man. And Meghan will have her own Oprah-style chat show. He believes Kate will carry out a spontaneous but touching act which puts her life at risk, which will lead her being seen as the "new star" in the royal family.