Revealed: What did Prince Charles say when he heard Princess Diana died?

The sudden death of Princess Diana in 1997 shook the world, but Prince Charles was worried about something else. His first few words explains everything.

Royal fans were always curious to know the first reaction of Prince Charles when he heard about Princess Diana's death. It has been revealed now. These were the first few words of Prince of Wales when he heard the shocking news - "They're all going to blame me, aren't they?"

The immediate reaction of Prince Charles has been revealed by the royal biographer Penny Junor in her book Firm. In the book, which was released in 2015, the royal author wrote that initial reports about Princess Diana suggested that she is seriously injured in the accident and is still alive. "The world's going to go completely mad, isn't it? We're going to see a reaction that we've never seen before. And it could destroy everything. It could destroy the monarchy," the Prince of Wales when he heard that Princess Diana got killed in a car crush, according to the royal biographer.

Princes Diana and Prince Charles
These where the first words of Prince Charles after hearing about Princess Diana’s death Instagram

Junor also reported the reply Prince's private secretary Stephen Lamport gave him. The royal author wrote about how he agreed with the Prince and explained him about the various challenges his mother will have to go through because of it.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
The first few words of Prince Charles after hearing about Princess Diana's death revealed. Royal Family

Lamport told Prince that his mother will have to do the things that "she may not want to do" or the things that she is never comfortable doing. "But if she doesn't do them, then that's the end of it," he added, Junor reported.

"And for most of that week, while the nation's grief brought everyday life to a juddering halt, so much so that the death of Mother Teresa passed almost unnoticed, the Prince's prophecy came within a whisker of coming true," the royal biographer wrote in her book. "His mother finally did some things she didn't want to do, didn't feel comfortable doing, and the crisis passed; the monarchy was not destroyed. But it was close; too close for comfort," she added.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
The First few words of Prince Charles when he learned about Princess Diana's death has been revealed. Royal Family

The royal author also wrote about how the prediction of Prince Charles that he will be blamed for Princess Diana's death came true. She reported that people were in anger and they were pointing their figures on him. "Had he loved Diana instead of his mistress, people argued in their anger, Diana would still be alive," she wrote.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles began their journey together in 1981, but it just lasted for 15 years as the couple got officially separated in 1996. After a year, the Princess of Wales lost her life in a car crash.