Revealed: Legend of Blue Sea makers toyed with a love triangle in the plot

Shim Cheong and Heo Chi Hyun were seen hanging out together a number of times.

Legend of the Blue Sea
Lee Min-ho and Na Young-hee in 'Legends of the Blue Sea.'

Avid fans of popular SBS drama "Legend Of The Blue Sea" know that Heo Chi Hyun had a huge possibility of having a love triangle with characters Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) and Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho). Recently, Lee Ji Hoon revealed that he actually had a chance to enter the scene.

There were several hints in the middle of the mermaid drama. Shim Cheong and Heo Chi Hyun were seen hanging out together a number of times. Although Heo Chi Hyun knew Shim Cheong was close to Heo Joon Jae and approached Shim Cheong on purpose, the way the scenes were done it felt like he genuinely enjoyed the time he spending with her and this led to speculations of a love triangle.

However, these speculations were dropped off once Heo Chi Hyun set himself against both of them completely. The viewers kept wondering what is the relationship between Heo Chi Hyun and Shim Cheong was.

"I also saw many comments asking for a love triangle. As I looked through them, I got curious, so I asked the writer if there would be one. After the writer said, 'There's an 80 percent chance that there will be a love triangle," Lee Ji Hoon said.

"I called my company immediately. I said that they were going to connect me and Jun Ji Hyun. Although that was just my dream," Soompi reported.

"Legend Of The Blue Sea " actor Lee Ji Hoon was asked what was his view about the way the story progressed. The actor quickly responded stating that the writers thought about the development of the story and they felt that it would be good to move in that direction.

When the actor was asked about experience in working with Jun Ji Hyun, he stated: "Everyone likes Jun Ji Hyun right? During my school days, when I saw 'Windstruck,' I really liked it. That's why at first I was really amazed, thinking, 'This is real.' It was great acting with a person whom I've [only] seen on TV and in movies when I was a child. Being able to act with a person like that, I thought that this is really the life. Before I knew it, I had acted with Jun Ji Hyun. I feel really pleased [by this.]"

This article was first published on February 8, 2017