Revealed: How Song Joong-ki gives back to society with donations to charities

Song Joong Ki has donated his entire fee for appearing on Chinese variety TV show 'Hurry Up, Brother'.

Hallyu star Song Joong-Ki has donated his entire fee for appearing on Chinese variety TV show 'Hurry Up, Brother' to an unnamed charity.

Joong-Ki's agency Blossom Entertainment has refused to reveal the amount of money he donated or the name of the charity.

In a statement obtained by All K-pop, a representative of the actor's agency said he had intended to donate his entire appearance fee to a charity from the beginning. SBS has reported that Song Joong-ki will also donate all the proceeds of his Thailand fan meet.

Around 4,000 fans had attended the three-hour event on Saturday, May 7, held at Thunder Dome in Bangkok, kicking off the 30-year-old actor's Asian Tour.

Besides the various activities and games at the fan meet, Song Joong-ki also allowed the fans to know him better. Towards the end of the event, he took the time to shake hands and pose for photos with fans to show his gratitude to them.

This is not the first time Joong-Ki engages in charitable acts. Earlier reports noted that the he has been secretly making donations to the Korean Childhood Leukemia Foundation (KCLF) since 2011 and it was only revealed in early March when the foundation had decided to announce it.

More than 10 children have already received medications with the funds Song provided anonymously for the past five years.

Joong-Ki had also previously donated around 100 million won ($85,521) through UNICEF to give assistance to the victims of Nepal earthquake according to the reports of Destination K-pop.

In early 2011, the actor had participated in the yellow ribbon campaign that aims to raise awareness about pediatric cancer. He also donated all the proceeds and rice wreath collected from narrating the award-winning special documentary called "Tears of the Antarctic."

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