Retired South Korean General reveals secret war tactics of North Korea

north korea
Kim Jong Un posing next to the new Hwasong-15 missile. KCNA/Reuters

The conditions in the Korean peninsula are shaping up peacefully for the past couple of weeks, as North Korea sent their delegate to talk with Seoul ahead of the Winter Olympics. Even though tensions between South Korea and North Korea are getting lessened day by day, political experts still find the possibility of a war, as Pyongyang has revealed that the ultimate target of their nuclear missiles is the US. Now, a former South Korean General who has served the army for 40 years has warned the United States that winning a war against North Korea will not be an easy deal.

The cult status of Kim Jong-un

Retired South Korean Lieutenant General In-Bum Chun said that North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has developed a cult status in his country and as a result soldiers will fight for him in the same way that people fight for their religion. According to the former military general, defeating North Korea will be not that easy like the Iraq and Afghanistan invasion. He also made it clear that this mission would be more like trying to get rid of Allah.

Chun revealed that even defected soldiers from North Korea have that innate belief in their system which is close to ridiculous. The former South Korean military officer revealed that all the North Koreans above the age of 14 get basic military training including shooting a gun with precision, throwing a grenade, firing a rocket-propelled grenade, making a tent and other survival skills. As per Chun, North Korea's military is very advanced, beyond the comparison of western countries.

Chun also revealed that North Korea's Air Force is capable of launching a kamikaze-style attack which will affect the US military in a very drastic manner.

"North Koreans have a system where five to 10 families are organized into a group, and if a single person from that group misbehaves, the entire five or 10 families go to the gulag or are executed, so everybody spies on everybody else. It is a great mechanism for keeping under control," said Chun, USA Today reports.

He also warned the United States that Pyongyang has chemical and biological weapons of estimated 2500 and 5000 tonnes. As of now, North Korea has 1.3 million active military personnel and a reserve unit comprises of 7.7 million soldiers.

In the meantime, US President Donald Trump has reportedly shown signs of diplomacy with North Korea, as he said that he has a good relationship with Kim Jong-un. However, he did not reveal whether he has talked with the North Korean leader at least once.

This article was first published on January 13, 2018