Resilience Quotient:Executive Coach Dr. Taryn Stejskal reveals why a high RQ is much-needed amidst a global pandemic

Dr. Taryn Stejskal

COVID-19 has shaken the world upside-down. With the economic slowdown and a quarantined life-affecting businesses and individuals alike, mankind must strengthen its resilience quotient. As an undisputed global expert in resilience, executive coach Dr. Taryn Stejskal states that resilience can be built over our lifetimes, just like muscles or physical health.

What is Resilience Quotient (RQ)?

RQ is defined as the ability to bounce forward, to be enhanced and strengthened by experiences of challenge, change, and complexity, rather than diminished. As per Dr. Taryn, Resilience Quotient (RQ) is a better indicator of success than IQ or EQ. "RQ determines who will flourish and who will fold, in the face of challenge. The good news is RQ is not fixed from birth, rather it can be developed over time," she states.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has led to a worldwide crisis with extensive losses in terms of health and much of the global economy. The pandemic has time and again reminded us evidently of the brittleness of some of the most straightforward human-made systems. The worldwide lockdown and isolation being observed for over four months to break the chain of COVID-19 are giving rise to restlessness among people as they are unable to step out of their homes. Dr. Taryn Stejskal recommends beating stress by building resilience and adopting a positive attitude.

The uncertainty, unease, and seclusion caused by COVID-19 are triggering anxiety and fear among the citizens. The current situation has transformed our lives by putting our minds into survival mode. "Our creative and rational sides have shrunk, and we are forgetting the concept of connecting with others. In a phase like this, nothing but resilience alone will help us fight and survive the disease better," says Dr. Stejskal.

In fact, through her book "Flourish or Fold: The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People," which is slated for release by the end of 2020, Dr. Stejskal has specifically focused on ways to enhance resilience in life, as well as leadership. She hopes to aid people to bring out the best in themselves each day. As of now, she is using her formal training and experience to guide teams, CEOs, and people in general to overcome their fears and failures due to heavy pressure, vulnerability, and insecurity caused by the pandemic.

Dr. Taryn knows that the pandemic is, without a doubt, a catastrophe for the whole world. However, it shouldn't mean the apocalypse. We have overcome other epidemics like Swine flu, SARS, and MERS in the past. Dr. Taryn elaborated, "While we need to be cautious of what is happening around, one need not obsess over the pandemic. The only way to stay sane and strong during this world crisis is by facing the situation with courage, patience, and compassion, and, most of all, resilience."

Dr. Stejskal, who also owns a company, Resilience Leadership, can often be seen and heard advising people to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. She suggests leading a healthy lifestyle with good sleep and eating habits and reassures that normalcy will return. Dr. Taryn has consulted top leaders of Fortune 500 companies and illustrious startups. With her observation and experience, Dr. Taryn says that it's time to identify what they can and cannot control and concentrate only on the former.

"Our resilience in the present times will be tested not just by how we curb the spread of the coronavirus but also how we make the best out of the rest," added Dr. Stejskal. She further concludes by saying that while it is critical to take the pandemic seriously, panicking will not be of any help. It is imperative to place a great deal of importance on cleanliness, not just of the body but also of the mind. While doing so, people must remember to be resilient.