#ResignTedCruz: Top Texas Newspapers and Netizens Call for Senator's Resignation after Capitol Riot

Apart from Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Republican senator from Missouri Josh Hawley has also faced massive criticism for his role in inciting Capitol riot.

Some of the leading newspapers in Texas have called for Senator Ted Cruz's resignation following his involvement in challenging the certification of Joe Biden's 2020 election victory.

This came after many Twitter users expressed their anger for his role in inciting Wednesday's riot which left five dead. Along with others, Cruz helped lead a Republican effort in the Senate to object to the certification, arguing that there were irregularities in the vote count that required further investigation.

One of the social media users wrote, "#ResignTedCruz 'No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress ... shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion' 14th Amendment, Section 3. @tedcruz ... You are Constitutionally ineligible to serve in the US Senate. #TedCruzIsATraitor."

Texas Newspapers Want Cruz Out

One of the leading newspapers in Texas, Houston Chronicle, has called for his resignation. The editorial board published an article, blaming Cruz for his role in encouraging the US Capitol riot.

The editorial read, "Cruz had helped spin that web of deception and now he was feigning concern that millions of Americans had gotten caught up in it."

Cruz joined Senators Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, Roger Marshall of Kansas, John Kennedy of Louisiana and Josh Hawley of Missouri in an attempt to overturn results in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

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Republican senator Ted Cruz is facing mounting criticism for his role in inciting Wednesday’s deadly riot at the US Capitol Reuters

When senators and representatives were debating on Wednesday, proceedings were interrupted by violent pro-Trump supporters who had gathered at a "Stop the Steal" rally over the presidential election results in Washington DC. After the riot, which shocked the whole country as well as the entire world, Cruz tweeted that "yesterday's terrorist attack was a horrific assault on our democracy. Every terrorist needs to be fully prosecuted."

But the tweet did not help the Texas senator avoid criticism. He was blamed for his involvement in provoking pro-Trump supporters and making people believe that Congress could change the presidential election results.

The editorial read, "Those terrorists wouldn't have been at the Capitol if you hadn't staged this absurd challenge."

"We're done with drama, opportunism, cynical scheming that has now cost American lives. Resign and deliver Texas from the shame of calling you our senator," the Chronicle's editorial added.

Another local newspaper, San Antonio Express-News, has also called for his removal from office. The editorial board wrote, "If we seek a turning point in support of democracy, then those who have damaged it must be sanctioned and repudiated."

Republican Senator Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley, the Republican senator from Missouri, has also faced a massive backlash. He was the first senator who announced the plan to publicly challenge the electoral college certification of Biden's election win. He faced massive criticism for his clenched-fist salute to pro-Trump supporters before they stormed the Capitol building.

After the riot when normalcy established at the Capitol, Congress returned to finish certifying the election results. While some senators and House members who have vowed to oppose the certifications changed their minds, Hawley went ahead with his objection.

Missouri's Kansas City Star issued an editorial, which said he "has blood on his hands in Capitol coup attempt." It also added, "No one other than President Donald Trump himself is more responsible."